St. Mary's Anglican Catholic Church

Diocese of the Midwest

John-Charles Vockler, FODC

July 22, 1924—February 6, 2014

The former Archbishop of New Orleans and Metropolitan of the Original Province of the Anglican Catholic Church (ACC), Brother John-Charles Vockler, passed away at home in his native Australia on the Feast of St Titus, February 6, 2014. Consecrated as Bishop of Polynesia in the Anglican Church in Australia in 1963, he later professed as a member of the Anglican Franciscan Order of the Divine Compassion (FODC). Brother John-Charles was received into the ACC in 1994. The future Archbishop visited Akron for a week in Lent (March) 1995; and he conducted several services at St Mary’s at that time. In 1999 he became bishop of the Diocese of New Orleans; and in 2001 was elected by the College of Bishops as archbishop & metropolitan. He served as metropolitan until his retirement in 2005. May he rest in peace. [A full obit appears in a special edition of The Midwest Chronicle.]